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maximum business

Everything for automatic customer communication from

larger customer groups is provided in this system.

Anker 1

Focus descriptions

system data

1-4 system users Functions for setup and control

User profiles: manager, clerk

System functional areas for automatic processing of

Customer information, customer communication, customer loyalty

customer service

System service 24/7

1,000 customers and 1,000 articles basic processing data

4 communication connections e.g. e-mail, telephone, SMS, chat, communication connections portals: PayPal, DHL, Amazon, eBay, 

6 connection options

digital twins 
The future of digital customer communication is very much determined by the simulation of the business processes of the digital twins.

This area is prepared for the future expansion stages of the system.

Essential connections of the future communication systems will be routed via the digital twins. 

From 2022, this communication area will be gradually activated. 

This automatic customer communication software system has been specially developed for companies with larger customer groups that run digital businesses. This system contains all information and communication functions that are required for daily automatic individual digital customer communication, customer care and customer loyalty. The smallest automatic individual support unit is the individual end customer.


Up to 50,000 customers can be automatically and continuously supported by this cuskomy software variant. A maximum of 50,000 articles can be digitally presented to the end customer according to different criteria and digitally managed. Extensions to the customer base and article base are possible.

The aim of this software version is 24/7 automatic digital customer communication with simultaneous service optimization, customer support intensification and significant service cost savings. Companies and system users are comprehensively relieved.

All you need to start this software is a telephone, internet connection and PC, everything else that is required for customer communication is included in the system. With this cuskomy SaaS Cloud Maximum Business Software version, the basis for further expansion processes in customer communication is available. This version can be integrated into complex business processes as a comprehensive communication solution  exist.

Automatic customer communication software

Application recommendation automatic

SaaS cloud software

Full service professional version


Software hotline 24/7


12 software updates pa 

Communication RZ version

System start in a few minutes

Basic communications: email, phone, SMS, chat

Information automatic, communication automatic

Automatic customer loyalty, automatic customer service

Comprehensive communication process support

settlement supports

Extensive expansion options

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