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We love trading*

*and other companies too!

Automatic customer communication software for retail and other forms of business has been our passion for over 20 years.

We started our careers in retail - we know our stuff. Our products are made by professionals for professionals.

On this portal, small dealers to large online companies can set up and immediately operate an automatic, professional customer communication system with just a few entries within a few minutes. Everything a company needs for optimal customer care is available in the various portal solutions. Every type of company is relieved by the automatic software and can fully automatically support its customers in more than 10 different communication channels.

We have only one goal - satisfied end customers of our customers.

Managing directors

dial systems GmbH


  • Kundenkommunikation 24/7/365

  • Anwender Support

  • Anwender Assistent

  • cuskomy-Betriebs-Pakete

  • Einzelbetrieb oder Gruppenbetrieb

  • Browser- + Smartphone-Oberfläche Automatik

  • Einrichtungs-Service-Überwachung

  • KI-Funktion CUS ALL OVER

  • Prompt Engineering CUS ME 4U

  • KI-Medien Abrechnungs-Portal 24/7 Überwachung und Abrechnung

  • Sprachmodelle Automatik

  • Medien-Modell Automatik

  • Sicherheits-Automatik

  • Schnittstellen-Service

  • Alarm-Systeme

  • Datenschutz

  • Cash-Limit

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